Pride Security | Team
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Meet Team Pride

With our rich family-founded heritage, Pride Investigations approaches all clients with the professionalism, loyalty and dedication that comes with seeing those we protect as family.

Corey Bingham

Corey is a U.S. Army veteran and was deployed to Iraq where he functioned as a SAW Team Lead on Personal Security Detail missions, Check Point Security and Convoy Operations. After attaining his degree in Public Emergency Systems Management (PESM), Corey served as a Paramedic Sheriff and a Firefighter Paramedic before his role as current CEO of Pride Security & Investigations.

John Henry Cox

John” Henry” Cox  retired with 24 years in Law Enforcement. Military Police (Honorable Discharge), Sniper, Q.R.F., N.E.S.T. and P.S.D. operations, Patrol and Investigations. I have worked in Community Services and S.R.T. Specialized in Street and Motorcycle Gangs. Have served as Field Training Officer, Firearms and Officer Survival Instructor. I can conduct threat assessments, provide a wide range of training along with options for  professional alternatives towards problem solving and building community relations.

John Greco

John  has his BA Degree in Criminal Justice. Served 4 years in USAF, Security Specialist. 35 year Law Enforcement career, including Patrol, Narcotics, Fugitives and S.W.A.T. Retired as a Sergeant. He started with Pride Security & Investigations in 2017.