Pride Security | Retail
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Retail Security

Retail location security comes with its own complexities and security requirements- each unique to the client’s core business. Pride offers more than simple retail security, we offer the confidence of partnership focused on image, interaction and inventory protection facilitated by on-site training and familiarity with your retail brand for mitigation of both internal and external loss threats whether through conspicuous or “blend-in” non-conspicuous staffing.


Shopping Center security has to be a nuanced art- protection combined with the ability for human sensitivity and the realization that every action we take is a reflection of your brand. We avoid the easy tendency for knee-jerk reactionism when it comes to stops- observation and undeniable proof provide the sensitive underpinnings of these types of preventative and discrete interactions.


Once a suspect is identified through observation and identification, discretely confronted and stolen items recovered, incidence reports are dictated to enable a paper trail of evidence and full disclosure in the event further action or prosecution is warranted.   


In addition, Pride Security also monitors internal threats to ensure employees are not a contributing factor to inventory loss.


Pride Retail Security also provides for contingency in the events of threats both natural and man-made.

Pride currently provides services these and other retailers: