Pride Security | Oil & Industrial
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Oil & Industrial

Oil & Industrial Site Security


With a complicated and integrated industrial environment in an ever-present footprint, oil manufacturing sites are often seen as a ready target for property damage, vandalism, theft, tampering and dispute. Experienced and situationally detailed security planning, prevention and protection is a must for this unique industry.


Pride Investigations & Security brings a networked approach to security that provides an array of services and technologically verifiable reliability to meet standard and expanded security requirements.


Using a cornerstone of perimeter security and intrusion prevention, Pride is vigilant in detecting suspicious activity or unauthorized entry to proactively identify suspicious activity and potential threats before escalation.


From our cornerstone of perimeter enforcement comes a collaborative and customized security plan- one that can flexibly evolve to meet the dynamic contingencies of industrial and manufacturing clients.


Pride offers the personnel, knowledge and experience to provide security that maintains your company’s production and reduces potential industry losses. With customized plans to protect assets while fostering state and federal safety compliance, Pride ensures facility safeguarding for smooth business and manufacturing operations for a variety of clients including SouthEast Directional Drilling, Weathorford Technologies and Newfield Explorations.

Pride’s Oil & Industrial Clients include: