Pride Security | Event & Concert
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Event & Concert

Large Event & Concert Security


Any entertainment event with large, free-flowing crowds is a fluid situation that needs comprehensive, flexible, vigilant and professional security management.


Based on our extensive experience with Events & Concerts (including The Canyons Summer Concert Series, Utah Gun Collectors Show, Wasatch Event Center Rodeos and Newpark Resort Concert Series), Pride personnel deliver within the client framework in a collaborative security environment with a central point of contact: whether an obvious security presence or something a little more low key, Pride’s presence matches the casual or professional situation. Our staff focuses on loss prevention, property damage prevention and access/perimeter control.  


Planning and vigilance play a key role in identifying dynamic security scenarios that will take preventative and reactive action and includes communication with surrounding residences and neighbors to ensure a cohesive expectation of foot traffic, noise and possible interruptions of daily flow on days and dates of the event.


Pride Investigations & Security’s strong and integrated relationship with local law enforcement allows a further security dynamic which provides further depth and peace of mind to Event Security. In addition Pride personnel ensures our integrated plans provide groundwork and security outlines to local first responders.

Pride’s Events, Concerts and Festivals clients include: